This one has been years in the making. Well before my time too, I’d imagine. With limited knowledge of many things, I still feel confident in crowning ‘disinterest’ a universal concept. In one form or another, we have surely all been in the position where something that once interested us, no longer does. The awkward part is when the detachment involves another human and the feeling isn’t mutual. In ye olden days did suitors simply avoid sending a return pigeon when their interest waned? Now it’s either a brief conversation, a long heated one, or worse; a message. 

The best thing about friends is that you tell each other things – of all kinds. With this comes the ability to identify patterns. One’s that span decades, personalities and varying situationships. It’s the we aren’t part of the are we or aren’t we and 9/10 times it’s delivered via text. 

When this involves you, you would be forgiven for feeling as though this form of parting is unique to your experience or more likely, “just your luck.” Instead, it’s an ode to the times that will never be whilst reminding you that you’re a great person (in this, we are talking best care scenario). Worst it’s 2+ scrolls of the thumb to read the reasons why you should probably never see each other again, with the alternative being a straight ghosting. You can usually feel it coming. In the same way your throat starts to feel a bit scratchy in the lead up to a predictably horrendous bout of illness. Here, your frequent exchanges become scattered before a [inset time] hiatus ensues…

Sometimes this may feel like an appropriate departure (as below), potentially due to longevity, motivations, honesty, and overall nature of the situationship. Regardless, it absolves the sender of any responsibility to audibly sound out the recipient and in turn, is likely read by more than just the intended. We aren’t perfect and hindsight forever remains a beautiful thing. 

Let bygones be bygones and may this serve as a reminder of resilience, learning and reassurance it happens to (just about) everyone! 


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