I’ve done it again. That thing where I get all motivated only to go ghost shortly after. I always loved the idea of consistent writing and allude to it far too much for it not to become common practice. Annoying, but entirely fixable on my own accord. 

I do appreciate the gaps in post time for the fact growth is all the more evident. Since the last, June, I’ve seen out a two-month European extravaganza fit with forgotten BRP’s, cancelled flights, intentionally missed flights, a divine summer romance and the dissolution of a friendship. All of which contribute to the smorgasbord of feelings I’ll add to my repertoire and draw upon when needed. Much in the same way past experiences helped me overcome those above. Historically I’ve been terrible at goodbyes and times of most nature coming to an end, but ever so slowly I’ve become to respect an amicable parting of ways, akin to Gwenyth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s conspicuous uncoupling. 

Things continue to tick, as I delve into the familiar new flat, new job saga once again. It feels a little as though I’ve hit the reset button on my stint in London, forever bewildered by how fast time is flying. I’m still plagued with a slight ‘should I stay or should I go’ mentality, as I never envisioned 15 months without family face-to-face. Though nor could I imagine an imminent return to the Auckland rat race without some form of direction or plan in sight. 

In the spirit of new beginnings comes a challenge I’ve been putting off for some time… SOBER OCTOBER. Not only in essence of self-preservation, I’d also really like to do something that benefits others, and in this case, that’s Macmillan Cancer Support. This means no smoking, vaping, drinking, nasties, for the month of October, which for me will be huge! If you’d like to be an absolute legend and donate or find out more click here

I’m expecting the lack of hungover (dead) Saturday’s, Sunday’s and the occasional weekday to significantly free up space for endless creativity and fun, so hopefully I’ll be here for an update soon. Until then, godspeed. 


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