I was looking through notes on my phone and found I had left myself some. Cute, and thoughtful too, because each one threw me back to a random little memory I thought I’d share. 

I’ve made an effort not to change the titles and copy straight from my phone which is already a lol because honestly who writes this kind of shit sober.


Don’t ask for a trim flat white, no one knows what you mean. Ask for skinny. 

On long journeys set your alarm on the tube, you will fall asleep. 

Always set directions by postcode. There are many places called the same thing that aren’t. 

Citymapper is the bible. 

Dusk gets you free drinks around the city. 

Don’t bother wearing heels. You will die.


In my few months here those are the six Carla took the time to note down on her phone and for sure it’s a start. I love how most revolve around some form of travel. It’s true, always something to consider and geographically London is a pretty big place. With lots of people. The others are about drinking, again a great point because humans physically need to consume liquid to survive.

Moving to a new city is the most liberating thing you can do for yourself. I feel grateful every day and sometimes a little exhausted from wanting to make the most of it at all times. Which is why this weekend I’ve parked up in bed, windows open and speaker loud. It was supposed to rain today which perfectly fitted my idea of ordering uber eats and not leaving the house. It’s sunny now, so I should really go for a walk or something. 

I want to challenge myself to write more freely and talk randomly about daily occurrences, alongside my usual dramatic soliloquies, so hopefully, I’ll have more musings here shortly.  


2 minutes post upload update: it’s pouring, borderline hailing.

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