I’ve recently come to the realisation that eating whatever you want when you want, sleeping 24/7 and doing sweet F A will not result in the body of dreams – shock. Despite cancelling upwards of five different gym memberships over the years, I re-joined and set off on my #fitspo journey once again…

It started well, with an a4 print out of the month of October pinned to my wall right next to my mirror. For each gym session achieved I’d award myself a gold star, incentivised by Jack’s rule of x4 a week equalling him shouting brunch – lol yes please. This actually worked, with the sticker satisfaction overriding any initial feelings of apathy. I even started waking up early (a foreign concept to me) all in the name of a little gold star. It was the first time I’d ever felt excited about exercise and it was great.

But what happens when the honeymoon period expires? When you’re officially in the swing but ready to throw in the towel? That’s me now. Three weeks into my gym-scapade and I am beat. Apparently “hitting the wall” is actually a thing, so I set out (via a trusty Instagram Q&A) to find how to beat it.

Learning the difference between motivation and discipline

Motivation is when you’re excited about something so you do it, where discipline is doing it even when you don’t feel like it. Take it from Ruby, “I’ve learnt to reward or punish myself when I get to the discipline stage and CBF doing anything. For example, I can buy a coffee on my way home after the gym, or if I don’t go, I have to do 2 classes next time I go. The thought of doing 2 classes is enough to scare me into going and sticking to my routine.”

Find a buddy

Rocking up to a class solo can be super intimidating and an extra voice telling you to get your A into G never hurts. Set challenges amongst yourselves and use your highs/lows to balance each other out. I find even telling someone I’m planning to gym decreases my chances of pulling a last minute excuse!

Or a virtual buddy

Doing it as a duo is great but lining up schedules can sometimes be an exercise in itself… Having a programme to follow provides a purpose and prevents wandering around aimlessly and losing focus. Kayla Itsines 12 week bikini body guide is an absolute killer and can be smashed out in 30 mins per session. The app Aaptiv has guided workouts and free trials galore. According to Kate, they can be a bit cheesy but help especially during cardio (the worst).

Beats beats beats

I started a gym playlist aptly named, “Gym, bitch”. Rediscovering Katy Perry’s Peacock was enough to set this in motion and now I’m constantly seeking new additions in pursuit of the ultimate workout soundtrack. Beggin’ – Madcon as the latest courtesy of, Sean.

Something is better than nothing

Even if you’re not feeling it (me this morning) chuck on your gear and allow yourself a lighter work out, or something you’re good at and genuinely enjoy. Drew says, “do a little bit, even the tiniest thing! A step is still a step. Build up again from there.” Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

Remember why you started

Be honest in your intentions. If your sole reason for working out is to lose weight or change your appearance, that’s totally fine! Although understanding the wider benefits can help with fighting early disappointment in not seeing changes. Think improved sleep, better energy levels, release of endorphins etc. As someone who is deskbound a good portion of the week, I can honestly say I’m starting to feel less tired during the day and ready to crash in the evening. Internal motivation keeps you in it for the long run, meaning all else will follow.   

Well, there you have it. Hopefully you’ll find this as useful as I did and it puts a wee pep in your step! Thank you to those who contributed and I would 100% recommend the monthly star chart for anyone lacking the motivation to kick-start something, be it running, pilates, gym, or whatever floats your boat.

Good luck, you got this!

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