Wait, who?

Like an influencer, but the opposite. Someone who actively rejects the “influencer” title and goes above and beyond to distance themselves from the notion. I liken this to circa 2011 when the term “indie” became anything but individual and almost rather synonymous with normality.

This had been ticking over in my (and I imagine many a) brain for a while and after witnessing a near utter of the “i word” at a wellness event yesterday, I felt it was time to dissect.

The host (lovely I might add) began to ask her guest (also lovely) how she felt about serving as an influ….sorry authority, in the health sector. She then carefully back-tracked and promised, “we don’t use that word here!” as the audience laughed and nodded in agreement.

Does anyone use that word anymore? And if they do, can it be used without a healthy dose of #cringe? I’m not sure…

I would never class myself as an influencer (nor unfluencer) but I do accept my participation in activities that could make it seem like I’m trying really hard to be one. I tag brands in my photos, chuck up the odd hashtag(s), even upload occasional stories discussing my day or fave skincare of the moment (guilty as charged lol). I write a blog for god’s sake. With that said, me and my minute following would still turn scarlet at the appointment of the “influencer” label.

I’m torn.

I love sharing my stories and having those “I feel this on a spiritual level” moments with friends/followers, but feel I’m teetering on the edge of becoming just another girl opening the same PR package as the 10 babes before her (as amazing as that is).

Do people buy it? I ask this literally and figuratively because I don’t know the answer myself. Just to stir the pot (as I often like to) I posted an Instagram poll a wee while back posing, “influencers as the least influential?” Expectedly, the verdict was split. The “general folk” voting yes and “influential types” no.

Wait, where does the divide start and end? Enter unfluencers, the ones who probably have the most influence without even trying at all. The cool girl archetype moments away from being branded an “influencer”.


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