Age is absolutely just a number and you really are only as old as you feel, but there’s certain truths relevant to those teen digits you just can’t escape…


Your body will never be the same

Accepting this is hard, but the sooner we do, the better. Radical, albeit gradual, changes are in motion and there’s no good in holding onto the metabolism of a fifteen-year-old sprat whose biggest worry is looking cute in P.E gear. Tim Tam’s may be enjoyed more regularly and this won’t go unnoticed. Cherish wherever you’re at now, it’s probably not going to get easier.


You can’t use raging hormones as a scapegoat for bratty behaviour

Puberty probably made our excuses more often than well give it credit for and we should be thankful. Whatever we used to whine about is irrelevant and there are bigger fish to fry. Pick your battles, be grumpy when it counts.


You don’t have to put up with shitty people

Things are within your control (even if it doesn’t seem so). Forget seating plans and group assignments, we’re not in high school anymore. You are the company you keep and toxic people should be eliminated. Stat.


Relationships take work

Speaking of school, we don’t get to see our friends every day now. Holidays are scarce, as is spare time. Scheduling is important and important people take precedence. Take the time to tell your friends you love them, it’s worth it.


You’ll have exes (and you’re allowed to miss them)

You were with said person for a reason and naturally, there will be qualities in them you miss. Uttering their name should not be forbidden, nor should telling stories that recall their involvement. Be thankful for their presence in a past life. Everything happens for a reason and you’re better off now anyway.


Wine tastes better

Maybe because we’re spending more than $10 a bottle (or not), or maybe because we’ve become accustomed. Either way, wine is fantastic and should be appreciated at any given occasion.


You’ll find new things to get excited about

Your interests will likely vary significantly from your teenage self and that’s okay. Maybe you wanted to be a marine biologist and now you don’t, cool. Maybe purchasing a vacuum cleaner evokes a strange feeling of excitement one would never have imagined, great. Respect the transition and continue to laugh at what was. I mean, who would have ever thought girls once wanted to start getting their period?!


You’ll get asked what you “do”

Boring, but get used to it. Majority of conversations at social gatherings with unknowns will kick off with the work spiel. Dwell on this for a maximum of 5 minutes before realising you are more than your job.


You’ll realise how much your parents did for you

From tucking you in, to scheduling doctors appointments, parents rule. As is the way with most things, “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”… Say an extra thanks when they drop off your next flat dinner and always leave with, “I love you”.


Time moves faster than ever

And from what I’m told, only continues to with age. Each year added is one extra to be grateful for and if we’re clever, we’ll make it count.

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