Quirky and elegant with talent in spades, Anoushka Van Rijn is undoubtedly my mega muse.

Being an unequivocal jewel fiend and total magpie, I went full fangirl over Anoushka’s sui generis designs. They’re eccentric, divergent and unorthodox in all the right ways. Mixing coastal cache and mondaine antiques, the collection creates a winsome juxtaposition of metals, tassels, and gemstones that are straight-up funky.

After sliding into the DM’s and confessing my undying love for Anoushka’s craft, I’ve found a friend through fashion who makes me want to throw the rule book out the window and set fire to anything ordinary.

Have a looksie here and prep yo’self to be seriously inspired x

The lovely lady herself pictured above / A very blurry photo of me in one of my faves below x

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