The boyf (Jack) and I hit Bali in late August 2017. Heading abroad only a few months into a fresh relationship is risky for sure, (make or break I think I had said – lol) but seriously it was a-maz-ing! I can’t take credit for the planning, as Jack took care of pretty much every last detail. I’ve whipped together the best bits of Canggu to add to the Bali agenda. Although I wish I’d known I’d write this down the track, because we’re far from having the best pics, but we’ll work with what we’ve got…



Our first night out truly set the tone for what would be a solid 10 days of Bintang sippin’ and scooter scooting. Ultra cool and effortlessly relevant, stepping into Pretty Poison was like real life Lords of Dogtown, but better. Huge screens showcase retro skate clips, while locals shred the California styled pool like it’s the easiest thing they’ve ever done. Seriously, I’ve never wanted to skate so badly in my life… Instead we sat on iron barrels and drank, grooving to whatever great DJ set was going down. Artsy and v alty, Pretty Poison presents Movie Night Monday’s, Open Mic and Vinyl Tuesday’s, Skinstickers and Poison Piercing Thursday’s (yes, that’s a thing) and DJ Set Saturday’s. Easily the coolest I’ve ever felt in my life and definitely somewhere I’d return.




I’d tasked myself with finding the perfect pamper place to chill while Jack went for his first surf. We (Jack driving, me holding on for dear life) scootered past the most immaculate looking building, which turned out to be Spring Spa, Canggu. It had only been there for a few weeks, so we were among the lucky first to visit. With luxurious decor and a detailed treatment menu that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, Spring Spa is an absolute dream! I opted for a warm almond milk manicure and pedicure, which was nothing short of heavenly… Jack came back from his surf and had a quick shoulder massage, bloody loved every second! That would not be his last Bali pamper days I’ll tell you that much… If not Canggu, try Seminyak, and if you don’t make it to Bali, they’re also in Ponsonby, St Heliers, Wellington and Queenstown!




We ate some of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life in Bali, and Canggu’s Cafe Organic was right up there. With super friendly staff who use only locally farmed produce, this trendy wee cafe has a fresh menu with loads of options – perfect for veggo’s and fussy eaters like moi. All day breakfast and lunch menus meant we never had to rush and the smoothie/salad bowl combos were to die for.. Follow the hashtag #GardenGangstas for a taste of what’s to come, um yum. We visited Canggu, but you can find them in Seminyak too.




Okay, I won’t lie. I’d seen a tonne of pictures on Instagram and noted The Lawn as something I 100% could not afford to miss. The front was chocca block with scooters and there was a bit of a wait to get in. Although once we did, I wasn’t disappointed. The famous umbrella’s were all taken, so we ducked upstairs with our beer and Bloody Mary to catch the sunset – STUNNING. Once we had the grams safely banked (literally everyone was taking pictures), we retreated to somewhere quieter with slightly less people and more food. From my experience: a must attend, but also a must plan.




The vibe here is difficult to detail and it was somewhere I totally relaxed (which for me doesn’t come easily). Authentic and cozy, the lovely ladies here rushed out to help scoop our stuff up when it started to pour. Incredible food and an even better playlist. Airport Lights – Zenzile, one of the many Shazamed songs from this vibey little hangout. So good we came back twice, and on the other days took brekkie to go in the form of fruit and acai bowls! Not to mention I also saw mega babe Megan Marx here, so it must be cool.




Only a few doors down from Cafe Vida sat the gorgeous Villa Lua, sourced from Airbnb. Perfect for a couple, the one bedroom, one bathroom villa was next to only two others. We actually didn’t realise it was shared until we got there, but it’s still reasonably private and we barely heard a peep from our neighbours, aside from our daily catch ups. With a big bathroom, pool area and hammock, this one was very hard to leave.




  • Echo beach
  • Deus Ex Machina
  • Canggu markets
  • Old Man’s



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    beautiful photos looks like a wonderful trip

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    If Megan Marx is a mega babe you must a super mega ultra babe haha have a nice day Moss

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