Today’s been a lazy one, much of which has been spent in bed trawling through various Instagram and Facebook feeds (riveting, I know). But I can’t say I’m impressed.

Between Herald articles and photos of New Zealand Fashion Week, the stream of negative comments is actually outstanding. I’d love to publish a long list demonstrating the vulgar and depreciating displays of non affection, but boosting negative musings is not really on my agenda.

Although it’s made me think, all it takes is one…

One disapproving remark to spark a onslaught of abuse. An army of warriors slamming down on their keys (the same way I am now), before pressing enter on a thought best left unsaid. It all starts with the first, who seeks to reassure and inspire the rest.

I’m assuming you’d like to provoke some kind of reaction from said person (or parties)?

That model should put on weight? That religion should suffer? That writer should shut up?

The line between bullying and healthy debate should never be blurred.

Do we forget people are human and not robots? Imagine speaking those words face to face, because really, it’s no different…

Be prepared to do so, or consider keeping your hurtful opinions to yourself. Bye.

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