Santorini is seriously the stuff of bucket lists. It was my absolute dream destination of life and I feel so lucky to have ticked this one off early.   

I do however, remember mild panic setting in as our wee plane approached the runway. The water was to die for (just as I’d envisioned) but everything else looked brown and kind of empty? Where were the little white houses with blue roofs? Where were the people? Was I missing something? It felt as if we’d just landed in the middle of the desert… I sought some comfort in knowing my brother, one of the smartest guys around, was also confused. 

Had I done my homework I would have known that Santorini is, in fact, a volcano (duh), and the site of one of the largest eruptions in recorded history at that. Despite thinking we’d arrived in the wrong place altogether, a short taxi ride would send us across the island to the stunning Firostefani, our home for the next few days.



We stayed at the Sunset Hotel and everything about it was perfect. Dreamy location, beyond lovely staff, rad neighbours, who despite being on their honeymoon, would spend the next couple of days drinking and cruising around with us.



As tempting as it was to just lounge in our hotel the whole time, there are too many epic spots to check out. Kamari and Red Beach were faves of mine and made me feel even more ignorant about the whole volcano thing…



Given our new friends were Greek, it definitely played in our favour for scoring a sweet set up and making sure we didn’t pay double the price for drinks.

We spent most of the time trotting or busing (one s or two?) around, but I swear everyone was on quad bikes! Great idea for whizzing around quickly, although my paranoia was worried I’d total myself at the beginning of our month long holiday (PTS from my scooter accident back in ‘09 still very much real). I do regret jumping off that cliff pictured a few photos up though – my back was stuffed for the next couple of weeks…

Our other mode of transport was probably the best yet, the yacht. Oh my days I still have dreams of this! I think it only cost us a couple of hundred NZ dollars (unbelievable) for a day of all-inclusive eating, drinking, swimming and mooching about – seriously the best. The option of sunset or day cruise wasn’t a hard one, as we were all for getting that tan, albeit half fake. The beats were cranking all day yet it was the perfect mix of adventure and chill. 100% would do again.  



Donkey riding was next on the agenda and much scarier than anticipated. Having been so excited initially, I truly felt for this poor donkey having to haul me in the heat and could only hope they were well looked after. We decided a trip to the bottom would be enough of an experience and that we’d make our own way back. Terrible idea. By the time we reached the top, we were literally dripping with sweat. Sandals probably weren’t the best idea either.



Santorini is incredible and I imagine other parts of Greece are too. I hope I make it back one day, and so do you. 


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  • Nat

    May 5, 2018 at 10:26 pm Reply

    Having my own trip down memory lane seeing these pics, 30 years since I went. Time to go back for sure!

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