Thanks, I guess?

In a tune not too dissimilar from my previous rambling, I felt a desire to harp on some more. Only this time it’s not how I feel about me, it’s about how you do, so to speak.

I can admit, I am a sensitive wee individual and am likely too easily offended half of the time, but I’ve been hit with the same backhanded compliment enough times for it to have sparked my interest.

Behold, a selection of, but not limited to, my favourite renditions of why I’ve been classed as ‘different’ (to who exactly I’m not sure, but that’s the best part):

  • “Girls who study Communications are usually pretty up themselves”
  • “You have more substance to you than I expected”
  • “You’re cool for someone from the North Shore”


Each time it’s packaged in a slightly different, equally as patronising manner, but its premise is just the same. You’re different to what I imagined.

Where did this imagination stretch back to? A mere observation of my behavior during a swift encounter? A quick, or not as time may have it, stalk of social media? Or notes from those involved in either one of the above?

I’m no stranger to the fact that each time we post online, we are presenting ourselves as the pie, asking the world to take a slice (the irony of this post is not lost on me), but uploading the odd (okay several) bikini picture(s) to Instagram is not synonymous with being completely clueless, nor does it make us clones of those who chose to express themselves in a similar fashion. Not in the hope of gaining more authenticity, but simply because I have started to care a lot less, I’ve since ditched my blonde hair extensions in favour of a shorter more natural do. I can assure you though, it’s done nothing in the way of improving my IQ, as some have politely suggested.

By all means, roll your eyes at my decision to opt for a Guns n Roses tee shirt (how did these become so embedded in modern pop culture anyway!?), but don’t be offended by my sarcastic tone when I proceed to explain how I sobbed through ‘November Rain’ during their recent show. In the same way that I may appear mildly unimpressed by remarks related to the fact I don’t seem like someone who actually enjoys fishing, or watching cricket with her brother (hi Reid).

This of course should not be interpreted as the sob story of a girl oh so misunderstood and just longing to stand out. But should rather serve as an example of why open mindedness is the greatest virtue.

Pigeonholing is painfully unoriginal, and I’m bored of it. Surely we’re ready to ditch the snap judgements and add a little validity to our thoughts? Or grant each other an identity at the very least?

Let’s do it.

  • Deb Finnigan

    March 22, 2017 at 2:38 am Reply

    Well said, you are such a smart cookie and gorgeous inside and out. Make every day count by being happy. Love you xx

    • Carla Hastie

      February 13, 2018 at 11:25 pm Reply

      Reading through all your comments makes me so happy – can’t say thank you enough! xx

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